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You know that feeling just after your massage… your body is relaxed and you are mentally clear and calm. While an occasional massage is great, regular massage offers so many more benefits! With regular massage, your body is able to remain relaxed and your muscles loose even when things get rough. Massage has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce your heart rate, relieve tired and aching muscles, improve muscle tone, speed recovery from illness, and strengthens your immune system. With these packages, you can enjoy all the benefits of massage at a reduced price. Call today to save 15% off regular price when you purchase a package of 6 like services: 

Therapeutic Massage Wellness Package

Therapeutic Massage can undo knots in your muscles, reduce anxiety, help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms, decrease pain in your body, increase blood circulation, and most importantly remove lymph and metabolic wastes from your muscle tissues.

Package 1
Six one-hour Therapeutic Massage sessions $357 (You save $63!)

Package 2
Six 90-
minuteTherapeutic Massage sessions $510 (You save $90!)

Massage Wellness Packages

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